Swag Satrangi is divine power of attraction to express inner self. The products are crafted with fine workmanship and creativity around extraordinary fabrics and metallic charms. The designs cater to artistic, ambitious and fashion conscious women who want to experiment by buying unique  designs & who appreciate uniqueness and creativity .These deigns and styles are the ones that differentiate you from the crowd and that fits your personality! 
Our Founders 
Shalu Sultania and Sanyam Sultania, are siblings turned into business partners. Shalu left her world of Actuarial Science to pursue her passion for creativity. And Sanyam was a die-hearted business person since college.
Our story
Shalu had a knack for experimentation and loved to DIY things. She started with creating quirky earrings out of waste fabrics. It was then with her creative energy she started as an instagram page at the age of 23 back in 2017. By 2019, Sanyam thought to be a part of Shalu’s passion for creativity and turn their instagram hobby into a full fledged business. With that passion of creativity and belief in each other they started their brand called SWAG SATRANGI.
Who makes these swags?
Initially Shalu used to design and manufacture the products in her small flat but today SWAG SATRANGI has a team of around 15 karigars who craft these products with immense love. Most of them are ladies from slum with whom they connected through a friend’s NGO. Working with Swag Satrangi has made them financially independent and given them a chance to showcase their talent which was hidden somewhere in the narrow lanes of Delhi.
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